Business Brokers
At Caneel Capital, we owe our success to the relationships we build with business and commercial real estate brokers like you, and we believe that your referrals are an affirmation of the service we provide.

We understand the trust you place in Caneel Capital when you refer your clients to us…that our standard of service is a reflection on you. You can count on us to provide the timely, straightforward answers you need, along with honest, candid communication.

When you refer your clients to Caneel Capital, we’ll represent them to a select group of lenders whose interests match their needs, increasing the odds of getting funded and obtaining the best possible terms. Be assured, your clients will never be charged fees for our services.

As a referral broker, you’ll promptly earn 15% of our collected commissions after the deal is closed. Our success is your success. Click here to contact us.

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