Business ownership creates wealth. Whether you’re purchasing an existing business, starting a new business, or expanding or relocating your current business, the right financing can maximize the return on your investment.

The lenders in our network can finance any size or type of business. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, for example, offer tremendous advantages for small businesses and franchise start-ups, while owner/seller financing can be structured to reduce your down payment.  When you call Caneel Capital, we’ll design a loan structure to meet your unique needs and guide you through the entire process, from application to approval and closing.

Existing Business Acquisition Loan
Purchasing an existing business can provide you with immediate employment as well as an excellent opportunity to achieve financial independence. Most business acquisitions require financing for more than one purpose; for instance, you may need funds to build an inventory, purchase equipment or commercial real estate, or provide working capital. Caneel Capital specializes in combining various loan types into a single business acquisition loan package. Call today, and we’ll tailor a loan package to put you on the path to proprietorship.

Business Expansion Loan
Are you ready to grow your business? That’s wonderful news, but growing businesses require capital for renovations, more space, more staff, new furniture, third-party services and equipment upgrades. If you have a clear business plan and a healthy business that you want to grow, yet you lack the capital to do so, a business expansion loan might be the solution you need. Call today to get started.

Franchise Loan
Like other business loans, franchise business loans require decent credit and personal financial investment. Unlike other new businesses, however, a franchise provides the entrepreneur with a proven model to succeed. Thus, the risk involved in funding franchise businesses is lower than for other businesses—a fact that may make lenders more willing to approve franchise loans. Contact Caneel Capital for more information on franchise loans.

With economic conditions continually changing, it makes valuable business sense to re-examine your existing commercial loans from time to time in order to maximize your financing value and leverage. Call Caneel Capital today to see if refinancing can have a positive impact on your cash flow.


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