Caneel Capital can help you land a commercial real estate loan with conventional or SBA lenders. We offer all types of commercial real estate lending, including multi-family apartment loans, strip mall loans, mixed-use property loans and industrial building loans. Need a special-use property loan? We can help you secure funding for owner-occupied commercial structures, nursing home loans, office building loans, hotel loans—even golf course loans!

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Multi-unit Apartment Loans
Our apartment loans include all kinds of projects: from five-unit apartment buildings to luxury multi-unit high-rise buildings and everything in between. Private, conduit and portfolio loans are among the comprehensive apartment financing programs we offer. Call today to learn more.

Shopping Center Loans
If you’re looking for an investment property, a shopping center can be a smart choice. Depending on the property’s location and rental history, our lenders fund shopping center loans of all sizes, from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, at competitive rates. Contact us to discuss your financing needs.

Industrial Building Loans
With proper financing, industrial buildings and warehouses can be very profitable investments. Caneel Capital has programs for owner-occupied and investment properties suited to your needs. Call today for more information.

Office Building Loans
Owner-occupied office building loans often require as little as 10% down. Investment office buildings can also have a higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, depending on the property’s location, condition and rental history. Contact us to find out how Caneel Capital can help.

Hotel Loans
Flagged hotels with a great location and good management are very attractive to potential lenders. To qualify for a hotel loan, you’ll need to provide the hotel’s occupancy history and show that it is profitable. Contact us to find the perfect hotel funding for your property.

Church Loans
You may have heard that most lenders don’t loan to churches, but don’t give up hope. Caneel Capital has identified several lenders that are interested in helping your church grow. Contact us today to learn more.

Gas Station Loans
Gas station loans pose a special challenge. While a gas station investment can offer a high rate of return, it can also be very risky. Still, some select lenders are interested in gas station financing. Call us today, and we’ll connect you to the right lender for your gas station property.

Multi-family Residential Loans
Financing for multi-family residential rental properties (town homes or low-rise apartments, for example) is very competitive among lenders. Great terms are available—contact us today to get the funding you need.

Mixed-Use Property Loans
Construction of mixed-use properties has grown over the last decade. Many mixed-use properties can qualify for financing under several different loan programs with flexible terms. Let Caneel Capital find the loan you need—call us today.

Retail Property Loans
Whether you’re looking for a business loan for investment retail property or owner-occupied retail property, Caneel Capital can help. Contact us to get the loan you need.

Special-use Property Loans
Special-use properties are facilities designed and built to serve a specific purpose.  Movie theaters, bowling alleys, greenhouses and churches are just a few examples of special-use properties. Call Caneel Capital today, and we’ll help you find funding for your investment or owner-occupied special-use property.

NNN Lease – CTL Property Loans
Caneel Capital offers an array of loan options for net lease credit tenants throughout the U.S., including traditional and high-leverage loans. Loan amounts can range from $500K for single-tenant restaurants to $300M for large, multi-tenant anchored centers. Fixed rates are available for 5- to 30-year terms, with amortization depending on the remaining lease term. Contact us to learn more.

Healthcare / Medical Office Loans
With an aging population increasing demand for health services, healthcare centers are a great investment. Our network includes many lenders who are active in this market. For the best terms available, contact us today.

Nursing Home Loans or Funeral Home Loans
Stable investments like nursing homes and funeral homes are very attractive to many lenders in our network. Call today to get the best rates.

Owner-Occupied Property Loans
The SBA offers great terms on owner-occupied properties, with extremely low down payments, competitive interest rates and up to a 25-year amortization. We have access to a large network of SBA lenders, so you’ll get the financing you need to build or grow your business. Call now for further information.

Self-Storage Property Loans
Self-storage properties are a hot investment in many areas of the country. With a good rental history and good location, your self-storage property loan can qualify for several loan programs. Contact us to learn more.

Renovation Loans
Lenders typically consider renovations on an existing commercial property to be a safe investment. With the right loan-to-value ratio, we can find a loan with great terms. To get the money you need quickly, call Caneel Capital today.

Loan Refinancing
Because economic conditions are continually changing, re-examining your existing commercial loans from time to time can help you maximize your financing value and leverage. Call us today to find out if refinancing can have a positive impact on your cash flow.

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