At Caneel Capital, we understand the loan process is as important as the loan itself. Our knowledge and depth of expertise maximizes efficiency and works to your advantage when obtaining the necessary funding for your Connecticut business. Caneel Capital is the one-stop-shop for the Connecticut business owner who has the need for financing. We help small-balance business and new business owners find the best options for lending by expertly matching a lender with business verticals they are most likely to fund. Whether you’re in Bridgeport, New Haven or Hartford, Caneel Capital has connections to lenders who will provide you with the exact business loan your project requires.

Applying for financing and providing the necessary documentation necessary to the loan process can be confusing and seem difficult to a new business owner. Caneel Capital prepares a loan package to perfection for our clients, taking pains to assure the process is simple, seamless and, most importantly, successful. Connecticut’s main-street is a major focus of economic development today. Caneel Capital is committed to helping you find the right loan product for your needs. Let us help to put your business ventures at the forefront of this exciting economic trend. Call the experts at Caneel Capital today.


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